Help Customers Refer Their Friends And Family To Your Business.

Grow your business by allowing customers to refer friends and family by sharing their reviews of YOUR business across THEIR social media.

Read that again. It is NOT, you sharing customer reviews with the followers/customers you already have, It is YOUR CUSTOMERS sharing with their audience (friends and followers). Most of the people you could reach via your customer's social networks do not already know of your business! 

Simplified review collecting and automated referrals via review sharing!

The best marketing is word-of-mouth

Instead of sending your best marketing opportunity straight to Google or Yelp, use customer reviews to promote your business directly FIRST!

Happy Customers will help you!

When your customers are happy, they are glad to help get their friends and family to your business.

Gather the review

Google, Yelp and Facebook want reviews on THEIR platforms then they own them. We gather the review FIRST so you own it and can market with it.

Create an Image

Our system then goes to work in the background and creates an IMAGE of your customer's review, along with all your business contact information and your logo!

Our system helps your customer create an image like this...

...in a minute or less.


Then they can share it to all their friends family and followers on social media!
The post will include the customer review and name as well as the business name, logo, contact info, location and in BOLD letters, a new customer offer!
If the customer has 1k, 2k or even 5k friends on facebook- it will appear in those feeds over the next few days. A referral, review and offer from a FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER!

Hyper-UP (yes I just made up that word) Your referral marketing!

Word-of-mouth from your customers is the best way to grow your business and ShareFive is the best way to help your customers spread the word!

Customer Referrals via Reviews. Automated.

Automate the creation of customer review images and sharing with ShareFive.

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